Retail Categories

  • Our cooked savoury snacks are highly versatile and are a proven success in six retail categories
  • Our innovative variety of flavours, sizes and formats of cooked snacks between categories allow for strong, simultaneous sales


1. 'Meal Solutions'


  • We provide simple, successful solutions to meet changing shopper missions
  • Satay, Sausages & Savouries in seconds!



2. 'Party Food'


  • Fully cooked and delicious hot or cold
  • Skewered for the perfect finger food


3. 'Food 2 Go'


  • High in Protein, low in calories
  • Skewered Satay & Kebabs to eat on the go
  • Dips for convenience & added value


4. 'Snacking'


  • Popular chilled snacking and picnic bites
  • Consistently strong sales all year round
  • Cooked cocktail sausage supplier to one of the big 4



5. 'Deli'


  • Our diverse range of skewered cooked snacks are a proven success in leading UK retailers’ counters departments
  • work with retailers to produce packaging formats and recipes that minimise waste


6. 'Convenience'


  • We have the pack and SRP formats perfectly suited for convenience stores
  • Ultra convenient, fully cooked products


Taste Original



Formed in 1989 and now a proven success story across six retail categories in the leading UK Supermarket retailers for the past decade

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Zwanenberg Food Group



Employing over 400 people in the UK we make a wide range of food products which we bring to market under a number of trade and consumer brands Read More




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