Keep Mum and carry on

The secret to a happy life? Crushing the gym, one spin class at a time. Washed down with about 14 coffees.

I’ll keep this short, sharp and snappy because I’m late for Sweat Farm.

That’s the name of our morning spin class.

It’s just girls, women, ladies. Incredible energy in there, lots of chanting. I’ll be straight with you here it gets a bit screamy at times.


Well, there’s Carlos, of course, he’s a darling. He’s up front, pumping away with his massive thighs. Glistening. Shimmering in the half light.

When he locks eyes with you, he makes you feel things, you know? A truly astonishing motivator. With such firm but fair hands and big, kind eyes.

He tans wonderfully!

Anyway, the gym is my sanctuary, my church, my coffee shop. Which is why when things like this happen, it’s the stuff of nightmares.

I mean, you just wouldn’t go back would you?

It’s not all unfortunately timed gassy interludes at the gym. We like to support our babies in their fitness goals, too:


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And we’re always learning, especially from the men who really know how to workout:

@memezar You see Spider-Man training at your gym, wyd? 😂 (Via: @leannaeliset) #foryou #fyp #xyzbca #memezar #spiderman #spidey #gym #workout #funny #lol ♬ 2 BIRDS, 0 STONES – The Gravity Guild

I suppose you’ll want a word with the kids? Ask them when they plan on moving out will you?


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