Grandparents + gravy = yuletide joy?

Compulsory gravy. What could be more Christmassy than that?

Well then, here we are!

We’ve not long arrived and well, what a sight.

We’ve got one hungover, two hiding in their rooms somewhere and another one admiring a plastic Christmas tree he got out of the garage a few weeks ago like he chopped it down and dragged it here from the Arctic Circle.

Anyway, nothing brings the family together like Christmas. And NOTHING says Christmas like our trademark Grandma’s ‘Christmas’ gravy.

For 100 years at least we’ve been pumping out this closely guarded family recipe, a cascading gooey waterfall of hot gravy with a kind of weird skin that you’d be hard pressed to find pretty much anywhere else.

Would you like to try some? Go on, head first.

You must. You really, REALLY must.

Can you use all your powers of coordination to try to pause the video above to help Grandmother land her gravy precisely on her Christmas turkey!?

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