It's 2024: Work it!

There’s only one way to kick off a new year and that is to sweat. Be a gym beast, or a spin warrior, or a real rep machine.

Getting out of the house and into a world of pain blows away cobwebs and cleanses the soul.

And the mind. Because we all need a clear perspective if we’re going to be the best versions of ourselves in 2024.

Exercise the demons baby!

I am of course talking about expelling all thoughts of Saltburn from my memory.

Put it this way, the next time someone describes a film as being “a bit of light-hearted family fun” know this: you could be set up for the most traumatic viewing experience since, well, forever.

“How did you “Saltburn ”, then? Hands over eyes and fingers in ears for the little ones? Mute button for the grandparents?”

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It actually triggered memories of the time my Mum hoovered up Bertie the hamster on my 12th birthday.

Let’s put bathtub nightmares to one side.

Feel better about life

Let’s get ourselves in the right stance for 2024.

First up: You don’t have to be Lucy Davis to get to feeling better about life. There are baby steps to be taken. Couch to 5k, perhaps?

If you want to get into the science behind the messages your gut sends to your brain, you might want to check out Zoe app.

There’s a handy primer and a podcast series here to tune into as you pound your way to 10k steps.

If that all sounds a little bit full on, get stuck into some simple healthy eating tips here.

Competition time

How did you “Saltburn”, then? If you were brave enough, that is?

Hands over eyes and fingers in ears for the little ones?
Mute button for the grandparents?
Maybe a quick intermission, choral music and snack break when things got really spicey?

Tell us how you coped or DM us on our socials. We’ll share the best stories on our socials, and dish out some Taste Original goodies.

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