It's the Day of the Mum

Celebrating motherly love and Wonka weirdness with our own resident Lady Boss.

I’ll say this for the rugby: I like the tiny shorts bit.

They should just run around in those. The rest, well I’ll give it a miss.

It’s that time again

So, what’s on my plate as we creep out of the darkness and closer to the Easter Eggs? Can you say that yet? Is it time?

I’ll tell you what it is time for and that’s Mother’s Day.

“My just rewards for another year where I haven’t murdered everyone in this house.”

I can almost hear the postie gasping for air, straining under the weight of cards and packages destined for yours truly. My just rewards for another year where I haven’t murdered everyone in this house.

But there’s a few things you might want to think about for Mother’s Day morning, beyond that really thoughtful card or breakfast in bed.

Maybe some soothing ear comfort for that relaxing lie in? Try out Grace Dent in the kitchen, cup of tea and great guests. Well worth a listen.

For more kitchen-based chatter, Mum and daughter combo Lennie and Jessie Ware are a great listen, too.

We know it can’t last forever, so once you’ve given in and flopped out of bed, perhaps get your kids off their backsides and into the kitchen with some baking challenges.

And if all that fails to inspire, well, there’s always a family day out to an immersive Willy Wonka experience, right?

Wonka or Plonka?

Right, must dash.

One more thing…

But there’s one more thing: maybe check in on your mates who might find Mother’s Day a bit tricky? It can be a strange time of year, and a quick call to say hello might be just what they need?

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