I’m on Chat GPT, yeah you know me

A gift for the bone idle? Or a greater threat to mankind than Eamonn Holmes? Let’s find out. By going on the internet, natch.

When someone told me that there was this thing that could do a lot of your work for you, I was of course absolutely buzzing.

So I took a look. Artificial Intelligence. AI.

AI, my new BFF?

It does it all, they say. It’ll do your What’s Apps. Plan your holidays. Sort out the cleaning rota. Help you identify and destroy your nemesis.

Sounds good. My new BFF.

“Maybe it’s time to get out of the house and escape the robots.”

Right? Well, maybe, maybe not. It’s a bit a hit and miss.

If you’re a customer, tears running down your face as you enter another 24hrs of trying to track down a parcel, prepare for more heartbreak.

Do your kids like chatting with their new pal, Alexa? Bet they do. Perhaps, though, make sure you’re in the room because no topic is off the table.

Maybe it’s time to get out of the house and escape the domestic robots. Just be careful when it comes to crossing the road, because the ones driving the cars seem to hate little people.

But what about you?

Let’s take the pulse of the nation guys!

Tell us what you think about AI in our huge, comprehensive, scientific poll by smashing one of the options below. Or jump on our socials here to get stuck in, too.

  • A) Oh hell no!
  • B) Meh
  • C) I, for one, welcome our new demonic chatbot overlords

Get involved because if you do, you might just win some nice things, delivered straight to your door – by AI powered drone, obvs.

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