Meet the neighbours

Football. Calcio. Fussball. Nothing builds bridges like an international tourney, the beautiful game. But what makes our continental cousins tick? Let’s have a look shall we?

How do our European friends do it differently?

Cheese, ham and 12 coffees for breakfast. A massive afternoon snooze after cracking through 4 or 5 morning emails. Immediate industrial action because of a clamp down on cigarette breaks.

Just a few ways that our European friends do it a little different.
Oh yes. But with Euro 2024 about to kick-off we thought we would, you know, get to know the oppo a bit better.

What makes them tick? What are they all about?

“What about belter national anthems? Got to be Italy? I’m walking out at the Coliseum and taking them all on thanks to this banger.”

So here it is, your unofficial guide to Euro 2024.

We might get cooked for some of these shouts, but here we go…

First up, Big Tunes. The official Euro 2024 anthem. It’s absolute undies, of course, but here it is. You be the judges.

Enough of that. How about Euro 2024 in beers. 24, one from each country?

Good to know, and useful to cry into when things go down the pan for England and Scotland. Get on these #cans.

National Anthems

What about belter national anthems? It’s got to be Italy. I’m walking out at the Coliseum and taking them all on thanks to this banger.

France is a close second. I reckon I could march across the Channel unaided listening to this.

Table manners

So what’s on the menu, then? What are we stuffing our faces with as the goals fly in and our waistlines expand? How do we ingest the cuisine of the continent?

Ok here’s a few pointers. Eat like an Albanian. Scoff it like your Scottish. If you’re hungry like a, er, Hungarian you’ll get onto a bit of this. Or you could dine like the Danes do with some of these monsters.


So there you have it, sort of. Euro 2024, continental style. Get stuck in and enjoy yourselves. And remember: get those out of offices in, early doors.

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