Christmas maketh the man

If Santa cries off, there’s one guy we can all rely on to step up.

My favourite time of year is Christmas

I’ve often thought that if Santa Claus was ill, had overdosed on mince pies or went on strike over pension contributions, I could step in.

Because in this house, I protect the sacred spirit of this, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I do whatever it takes:

@mercy_opstls♬ original sound – Ortiz

And not just here, if needs be I’ll even dress up like the big man and fly the flag for Lapland wherever I am called:

@cristina_frank No fooling a preschooler on Christmas Eve! 🎅🏻 #christmaseve #santa #santafail #toddlerlife ♬ original sound – Cristina_Frank

I am Mr Christmas.

I go above and beyond the call of Dad duty to make sure everything is perfect. The tree. The turkey. The lights.

The, er, kitchen train.

But ultimately, I guess it comes down to a real love of sharing tender, festive moments with family, you know? 

@ladbibleaustralia Bringing back this little lad for the silly season 🤪 #santa #lad #christmas ♬ original sound – LADbible Australia

Come to think of it, what are the rest of them up to? 

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