Mistletoe mishaps

Christmas parties are fun until you do something you might regret. For the rest of your life.

I. Am. Hanging.

You see, it was our works’ Christmas do last night. I had 3 pints of Egg Nog before I’d put my out of office on. It was all a bit like this:

But I did win, at this:

@cocktails_carpool_chaos #itstricky #games #partychallenge #momsgonewild ♬ It’s Tricky – RUN DMC

Although Christmas karaoke didn’t work out that well for everyone:


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And now I can’t shake the feeling I said something to my boss. Something terrible about his hair transplant? 

You know what makes it worse? I’m sweating on cryptic emojis suggesting I tried to swap dental records with Carlos from the gym under the mistletoe.

Still, not long till the New Year. Time for a new me, right?

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