Merry Muttmas

Dogs: they’re not just for Christmas, you know? Especially this one.

I stay out of their way, the grandparents. I actually keep a low profile generally at this time of year because it triggers my anxiety.

The thing is: I was a Christmas day surprise a few years ago. I can get a bit insecure, because for us dogs the whole “not just for Christmas” thing can play on your mind a bit, you know?

Although to be fair it can be a weird time for all dogs, actually.

Fortunately, my lot love the festive season. And you know what? So do I. Things get set up in style and I can get on board with that, love that cozy feeling.

There’s also a load of different outfits and looks I can get into to get my Christmas on:

And let’s not forget great snacks. Even the healthy ones:

Anyway, must dash. Got a few friends to see before getting my head down before the big day. 

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From all of us we say this: Merry Christmas you filthy animals.

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