The true spirit of the season

Nothing says Christmas culture like a selection of the worst festive bangers and can’t watch/must watch films. Enjoy.

Let’s get it right.

The UN should step in because we’re 23, still live at home and with a Dad whose Christmas vibe is unhinged.

Man believes in Santa Claus more than most kids. Still.

Puts out mince pies, milk, a sort of nibbled carrot for the “reindeer”.


Drags us out to Winter Wonderland each year.

It’s round the back of the B&Q. Clayton’s little brother works there. He’s one half of a donkey in the nativity scene in the morning. In the afternoon he’s working in the car park.

Awful places, Winter Wonderlands. Where hope goes to die

Winter Wonderlands

Christmas outings have never gone well you know.

I know. Remember snow tubing?

I’ll never forget.

What about the school Christmas show, the outdoor one?

Genuinely triggering.

Look, we all need an escape. So get on some of the best…


Christmas bangers of all time.

What about last year? Sidemen?

Come on now.

Fair. Anyway, don’t miss out on some Christmas films we’ve watched – so you don’t have to. Although you definitely should.

Although you definitely should.

Take a look here, should keep you out of trouble.

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