Spinning along on the hamster wheel of life

Well done. That’s right, you. Well done. Another trip around the sun. Ticked off. Luckily 2024 has started with something of a bang!

A double whammy. Two of my favourite things.
Spandex and treachery.

First up, the spandex

All I’m reserving my spot on the couch again on an early Saturday evening. Gladiators is back.

Now, I always felt I could cut it on this show. In the 1990s, that is, not now.

Always felt back then, in my prime, in my silverback era, I could run up that travelator thing or whack a giant bloke in tiny pants around the head with a plastic stick. No bother.

“Acid Reflux? Doesn’t quite strike fear into the heart of the opposition, does it?”

It felt like that arena would be mine.

Now? Not so sure. I’m lacking the physical gifts, and the motivation.

First off, it would be illegal to have me in the kind of gear these units wear. You would need at least two branches of our emergency services to get me out of the kecks they pour themselves into.

Secondly, you’ve got the challenge of getting your Gladiator name right.

Where would I start?

Acid Reflux? Doesn’t quite strike fear into the heart of the opposition, does it?

The Traitors

Talking about “oppo”, I’ve enjoyed dipping into this Traitors business.

If there’s one thing I love, its being outraged at a lack of basic decency and honesty in society, whilst also cheering on the sneakiest human beings ever conjured.


Because I think there are lessons for us all here. Much to muse on.

If I’m going to keep the upper hand in this house, I need to know how to get down and dirty, to outsmart these conniving backstabbers who I love dearly and would do anything for.

It pays to stay one step ahead.

Competition time
We’re doing a comp, actually, for the best Gladiator name. Think you can take on the challenge? Find out more here.

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