A month of balls

21,132. 21,132 days and counting. That’s how old The Hurt is.

All those days since a black and white July in 1966, when Sir Geoff Hurst walloped home a hattrick and plunged the nation into years of utter misery as various attempts to do that again resulted in that not happening again, actually.

But wait…what’s this, bending around the corner? Is that a redemption arc we see? Dressed up as Euro 2024?

“Because it’s not just the usual Dad v Mum thing: it’s England v Scotland.”

Good job our Family are here to take us through the ups, the downs and the “must dash back from work because Turkey are playing Georgia” of it all.

And things are getting a little tetchy indoors as an old rivalry bubbles away. Because it’s not just the usual Dad v Mum thing: it’s England v Scotland.

Meanwhile our Kids take us around the Continent on a whistlestop tour through the colours and cultures of the most important part of any tournament, the fans. From chart-topping Euro hits to chest-swelling anthems, they’ve got Euro fandom covered.

Let’s kick it all off.

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